Getting a CT Scan

My doctor said I needed a CT scan to check for kidney stones. They wanted to do a CT scan with contrast... whatever that means. Come to find out, it meant an IV in my left arm for the contrast solution.  Iodine. "Are you allergic", the technician asked. "I'm not sure", I replied. In short, the … Continue reading Getting a CT Scan

Feeding the birds

I have a clear bird feeder attached to my kitchen window. You can watch the birds up close as they gather some free fuel for the day.  Doves, finches, cardinals.  This little bird feeder has been a popular spot in my backyard.  Even squirrels were finding ways to parkour into the feeder from the roof. … Continue reading Feeding the birds

Houston Oasis

Houston Oasis is a secular community that meets weekly to enjoy talks, live music, and friendship. Core Values People are more important than beliefs Reality is known through reason Meaning comes from making a difference Human hands solve human problems Be accepting and be accepted Houston Oasis Attend a Sunday gathering and enjoy great conversation, talented musicians, and … Continue reading Houston Oasis