Bingeable Netflix

Ainori Love Wagon  3 seasons
Ainori brings together a group of seven young single men and women who travel in a pink minivan to various countries. Over several months, you get to know the cast members and begin to root for them to find a partner.
TV-MA (Romantic)

Episodes  5 seasons
British humor meets Los Angeles pretension. The two introverted British leads try as best they can to fit into a world with questionable morality.
TV-MA (Irreverent, Witty)

Frontier  3 seasons
Enter the world of Canadian fur trappers with Jason Momoa. Action. Violence. Romance.  Intrigue. Very bingeable.
TV-MA (Violent, Dark)

Terrace House  3 seasons
A delightful unscripted Japanese reality show about six strangers, men and women, living together. They have access to a car and are free to leave at any time to work or study.  Includes a great cast of endearing color commentators that take time to talk about the happenings in the house.
TV-14 (Romantic)

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