It’s all in your head


Your entire human experience comes from the chemical reactions in the synapses of your brain. From our eyes, we perceive images. These images become data that is passed around from one region of our brain to another. Thoughts about the images are created. These thoughts are passed around and interpreted against other memories and beliefs.

We perceive reality like this.
Every moment of the day.
And night.

The thoughts that enter our consciousness are picked from a river of thoughts below our awareness and brought up for inspection.  As we dream, our thought-picker rests and many images and ideas rise from this hidden reservoir.

If our entire human experience is in our head, this means…

  • a faulty brain can create delusional and irrational beliefs
  • there is no “soul” outside the brain
  • when the brain dies, we die

The best known check against incorrect thinking is the process of scientific discovery.

If we are the only one that sees the hallucination, it’s not real.  It’s a figment of our imagination.

If, on the other hand, another person can see what we see and we can test and replicate experiments with other experimenters… then can we begin to call something real and not just fabrication of our mind.

As a child, I used to believe in “monsters under the bed”. Irrational, sure. Yet powerfully “real” to my child mind. To risk placing a foot on the floor next the darkness under the mattress was inconceivable. No way!

Some people (many adults included) believe in a literal “hell” where they are tortured by fire forever. To those that believe this, it’s truly terrifying. It becomes a real limiting belief that can affect their choices in the real world.

It’s important to find out what is really real using the best tools available.
The monsters under my bed were only in my mind.
The flesh burning afterlife is an unverified claim.

Do you have irrational beliefs?
Are you fearful of something that is not real?
Are you not fearful enough of real danger? (handguns, texting & driving, unsafe people)


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