Favorite podcast episodes – August 2018

The Feather Heist on This American Life
Summary: A flute player breaks into a British museum and makes off with a million dollars worth of dead birds.
Why I liked it: compelling story of an unlikely robbery by a unlikely robber
August 12 – 1:05:18

Bill Browder, Putin’s Public Enemy No. 1 on The New Yorker: Politics and More
Summary: American-born hedge-fund manager William Browder helped pass the Magnitsky Act which levies sanctions against human-rights abusers in Russia.
Why I liked it: incredible courage of one man in the face of incredible evil
August 16 – 21:44

How to be Happy (Ep. 345) by Freakonomics
Summary: the U.N.’s World Happiness Report is dominated every year by the Nordic countries. We head to Denmark to learn the secrets of this happiness epidemic.
Why I liked it: I’ve been wondering if moving to Denmark would make me happier
August 15 – 37:30

Episode 32 by Talk Heathen
Summary: Eric and Jamie have conversions with callers about their belief in god(s)
Why I liked it: conversations, critical thinking, and civility
August 12 – 1:34:17

Paul in Ireland I by Mental Illness Happy Hour
Summary: 21 year-old Ming emigrated to Dublin from China at 8. With a history of abuse and neglect, she learned to stuff her sadness or unleash it thru anger. She battles Bipolar I, BPD, Complex PTSD & co-dependence but is developing tools & support.
Why I liked it: learning about mental illness; Paul is a great podcaster illuminating the realities of mental illness that affect all of us
August 17 – 1:41:55

You 2.0: When Did Marriage Become So Hard? by Hidden Brain – NPR
Summary: social psychologist Eli Finkel says the way to improve marriage may be to expect less of it.
Why I liked it: learned about how the expectations of marriage have changed over the recent centuries
August 13 – 51:26

Ep 146: Refugee camps, civil war, and a library card by What Should I Read Next?
Summary: guest Chatti Phal-Brown talks about how war, family, trauma, joy, and hope for the future have shaped her reading life.
Why I liked it: host Anne Bogel and guest Chatti Phal-Brown discuss difficult topics like genocide, sexual assault, and racisim with very friendly and soothing voices.
August 14 – 1:00:05

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