What is atheism?

Atheism is a lack of belief in a god. If you’re not convinced a god exists, you’re an atheist. You’re not asserting that no god exists. You’re saying you haven’t seen enough evidence to convince you that a god exists. I am not convinced a god exists. Therefore, I’m an atheist.

If there becomes evidence that convinces me a god exists, I’ll become a theist. I’m open to real evidence, but so far I’m not convinced.

Some point to the Bible and say “there’s your evidence”. But is a book really evidence that a god exists?

The Bible is the primary Abrahamic book of stories and guidelines used in Judaism and Christianity. It has been edited over millennia by many people for many different reasons. A religious text is common to many religions  The ancient Egyptians had The Egyptian Book of the Dead. Hindus have the Vedas. Muslims have the Quran.

If the Bible was evidence that the god of the Bible exists, couldn’t we use the same logic to prove that Superman exists with a Superman comic book? Or that Harry Potter exists because there are books written about him?

Some theists will point to their “personal experience”.

They had a dream or a “vision”. But how do we know that a dream was directed by a god? Which dreams are just dreams and which dreams are “holy”? How do you tell the difference?

Some have positive feeling followed by something good. Or an ominous feeling followed by something bad. How do you know the feeling came from a god? Couldn’t it be a simple coincidence?

Some say they hear a god talking to them. Is it a god talking? Could you be talking to yourself? How would you tell the difference?

There are always things I don’t know the answer to. If I don’t know, I believe the most honest reply is “I don’t know”. What happened “before” the Big Bang? I don’t know.

Attributing unknown phenomena to a god is the God of the Gaps fallacy. At one point, some believed that lightning bolts were generated by a god. Now we know better. If you use the god of the gaps fallacy, your god is getting smaller as science continues to  demystify our world.

I now spend more time and energy doing things that make me happy and improving the world I live in.

  • volunteering at the animal shelter
  • planting flowers
  • feeding the birds and squirrels
  • playing with my dogs
  • enjoy my time with friends

What about you? Are you convinced that a god exists?

One thought on “What is atheism?

  1. I’m not convinced 🙂

    My critique… I don’t think the Bible has been “Edited” so much as there have been some linguistically issues in languages it has been translated to. We don’t have much to go on from original “transcripts” even though people will claim the same bible we have today is the same bible since the time of Jesus 🙂 In creating the “Jefferson Bible”, Thomas Jefferson believed that the New Testament was corrupted to make Jesus look mystical, that ties in nicely with the people who believe in the historical Jesus but not in the divinity of Jesus.

    …There has also been Christian interpolation of texts such as Josephus’ “Antiquities of the Jews”

    Not just as an atheist but as an every day person, I like to be a good person. I enjoy discussing atheism with theists who have an open mind and want to learn about me. Unfortunately, not all theists are the same. They would rather tell me how wrong I am… without any evidence 🙂 I find it’s always better to bridge gaps.


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