Abuse of the vulnerable

There is a much more open discussion these days about sexual abuse of women (the #metoo movement) and children (the abuse scandals of the Catholic church comes to mind).

Why do people abuse the vulnerable around them?

  • they have opportunity
  • they may not have consequences
  • they may be repeat offenders
  • their behavior may be covered up by those around them

I am convinced this happens daily, around the world, in every place imaginable.  As you read this, a vulnerable person is being abused by someone with more power.

Is this an impossible problem to eliminate? Won’t predators always find a way to hurt victims?  Even with 100% video surveillance every minute of the day, couldn’t a predator still find a way to abuse?  I fear they would find a way.

If predators cannot be stopped completely, could predatory behavior be reduced if the victims were given more power somehow?

  • make reporting of abuse less stigmatizing
  • reward reporting of abuse (would this lead to false reporting?)
  • add more video and audio surveillance in public places (up to the point where people fear for their lack of privacy)
  • keep individual adults away from children without supervision with other adults

Thoughts and prayers do not keep predators away.
Thoughts and prayers do not help the victim as they are being victimized.
We need real tools that work.

Perhaps a technological solution would help?  Maybe a wearable distress button that records video, audio, GPS location, notifies close family and friends, and calls an Uber.

Perhaps a social solution that tags individuals as unsafe. Maybe augmented reality glasses that show us in real time which people around us are dangerous.

There will always be vulnerable people.
We need tools that empower them to be safer.
We need a society that is incentivized to protect them.


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