Fun, easy group game

We created this variation of The Game of Things while camping.  It’s quick, easy, fun, and free.

Number of players: works best with groups of 5 to 10 people
Supplies needed: each player needs a pen (or pencil) and some paper
Length of game: 20 minutes to 1 hour (as long as it’s fun)
Scoring: optional 

How to play:

  • one person starts as “the Reader”
  • the Reader makes up a question like “things you would never say to your grandmother” or “things you shouldn’t put in your mouth”… something that could elicit a funny or serious response
  • everyone except the Reader writes their response to the Reader’s question on an slip of paper, folds it up, and hands it to the Reader
  • once all the slips are collected, the Reader reads all of the responses out loud
  • the player to the right of the Reader becomes “a Guesser”
  • the Guesser tries to determine who wrote which answer
  • if they guess right, they can keep guessing
  • if they guess wrong, the player to the right of the Guesser becomes the Guesser
  • once all players except the Reader have guessed, the writers of the un-guessed responses “fess up” and say what they wrote

The next round begins:

  • the player to the right of the Reader becomes the new Reader for the next round
  • play continues as long as you are having fun

What makes this game fun is silly answers. Be creative. Be sneaky. And be prepared to laugh.

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