Feeding the birds

I have a clear bird feeder attached to my kitchen window. You can watch the birds up close as they gather some free fuel for the day.  Doves, finches, cardinals.  This little bird feeder has been a popular spot in my backyard.  Even squirrels were finding ways to parkour into the feeder from the roof.

This was all wonderful until one night I happened to peek at the empty feeder. Except. It wasn’t empty.  There was something moving in it. A squirrel? At night?

It was a rat. In the feeder! Ugh. Gross. I mean… I guess all of nature is great, but I don’t want a rat on the other side of my kitchen window.  This was not the nature I wanted to see up close.

Time for a new feeder.  Fire up Amazon.  Search. Search. Search.  Research. Research. Research. Fakespot.com. Camelcamelcamel.com. Put it in the cart. Purchase. Click. Done!

The new feeder arrived. This time, it’s weight sensitive.  Anything heavier than a small bird will close off access to the bird seed.  It’s a gravity/spring based system that works pretty well.  Smaller birds, like finches, can land and perch and feed.  A heavier animal will close off access.

Much better!   It’s been working great. The doves (and squirrels… and rats!) are gone, but the finches remain.  I’m going to try nyjer seeds next to see if they like that even better than the general purpose food in the feeder today.

Happy birding!

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