Detail your car

Interior detail Remove all trash Vacuum dirt from floor Wipe down all surfaces with microfiber towels and interior detailing spray Wipe down any leather surfaces with Lexol leather conditioner Exterior car wash Wash your car in the shade Rinse off any obvious dirt and mud with a garden hose Use a bug & tar remover on really … Continue reading Detail your car

Hummingbirds in Houston

It's that time of year again. The hummers are returning on their fall migration. If you want to catch some of these beautiful aerial artists each year, put your hummingbird feeders out in the months of April and August. Already got my first ruby-throated visitor yesterday August 1st.  Right on time.

Subreddits worth a look describes itself as "home to thousands of communities". In Reddit-speak, a community is a subreddit.  By subscribing to subreddits, you build your own feed. Here are some subreddits worth checking out r/aww Puppies, bunnies, babies, and so on r/explainlikeimfive Layman-friendly explanations r/funny Reddit's largest humor depository r/hmmm Internet as an art r/nonononoyes Things that … Continue reading Subreddits worth a look