Personal Reflection: Quitting and Mediocrity.

When I wrote the blogs about quitting and mediocrity, I had no idea that these questions would become extremely relevant in my life within just a few weeks. Just a week and a half ago, I was a student pursuing my Bachelor's degree at Purdue Global University. I was (and still am) a full time… Continue reading Personal Reflection: Quitting and Mediocrity.

Is Mediocrity Really Mediocre?

Merriam Webster defines mediocre as  definition of mediocre reads “of moderate or low quality, value, ability, or performance : ORDINARY, SO-SO” I’ve always felt my mediocrity rather keenly. I'm neither rich or famous. I see talented people on T.V. doing amazing things and athletes achieving astonishing feats! While I can do many things passably, I… Continue reading Is Mediocrity Really Mediocre?